When a Vendor Refuses to Settle in Victoria

If your vendor has refused to settle the contract, you may want to use the legal remedies available to you. In most cases, you can issue a Notice to Complete to the vendor, giving them an extension of time to complete the contract. Once this period has expired, you may terminate the contract and retrieve your deposit. In Victoria, however, you don’t have nearly as many rights. You can’t enforce penalty interest on the seller’s default, and you can only end the contract after ten days of delay.  kuttyweb

If you’re trying to sell a property in Victoria, you may find that the freesabresult vendor refuses to settle. It’s possible that the purchaser will discover an issue during the final inspection and will need to fix it before settlement can take place. If this happens, you may masstamilan have to settle “under protest.”

In this case, the vendor had failed to offer the atozmp3 balance of the purchase price before the expiry of the statutory deadline of fourteen days. The purchaser’s solicitor requested that the purchaser’s party leave the property before the deadline, which was six pm the same day. The purchaser sought specific performance of the contract and the return of her deposit. The vendor counterclaimed, seeking removal bestsportspoint of the caveat lodged by the purchaser.

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