What is a Title Attribute Let’s see what?

There are a lot of things to learn about SEO. Both on the side of doing On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Technical SEO, which we have already presented in many articles. And this article will talk about another point that many people may overlook.

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But it is important as well, that is, the Title Attribute. Let’s see what the Title Attribute is and how it’s useful. and how to do it

Title Attribute is an attribute used in tags (Tag) of HTML used to define descriptive text for various elements. on the website The display on the website will appear when we hover the mouse. It will come up with a description that we put to help users understand the meaning and benefits of that image or text. get even more

How many types of attributes are there?

Add a little more. In the HTML language, there are 4 important attributes:

– Title Attribute An attribute that specifies various descriptions. on the website It will be like a tag that introduces various elements on the website itself.

– ID Attribute is an attribute used to specify a unique identifier for an HTML element. Identification of tags on 1 page so that no tag on each page has the same ID.

– Class Attribute is an attribute that is used to point to a class name to group elements on the website.

– Style Attribute is an attribute used to decorate the website page. They are used to add styles to elements such as colors, font styles, sizes, and so on.

Title Attribute Benefits

Title Attributes are useful in helping Google understand the context of a link or image on your website. It works in conjunction with Anchor Text to help clarify what Anchor Text is all about. This eliminates the need to write lengthy anchor text descriptions. Additionally, links with proper descriptions may rank higher in search results because Google sees relevant descriptions that match the keywords people search for. Search Intent) makes that website May get a higher ranking on the SERPs

On the website user’s side, Title Attribute helps to understand the meaning of various elements. on the website even more From seeing the text, the description is clear and consistent with the content that is being read.

How to make a Title Attribute

For the method of making the Title Attribute, I would like to divide it into 2 methods together, which are

– Making Title Attribute by writing HTML code

Let’s start with the hard way (but not that hard) with the coding method where the Title Attribute code can be written as an example.

– Title Attribute in WordPress

WordPress is a CMS for creating ready-made websites that people who don’t know how to code can create their own website. Many people use this thing to make their own website. (Orange Cat is one of them), so I would like to bring up a method for making a Title Attribute in WordPress for you to try and follow. There will be the following methods.

Put the Title Attribute on the menu bar.

  1. Log in to the WordPress you made.
  2. Go to the Dashboard page, select Appearance → Menus.
  3. Select Screen Options and select the Title Attribute option under the advanced menu properties heading.
  4. Click on the menu where you want to add a Title Attribute by going to the Menu structure. The Title Attribute field will appear under the Navigation Label heading.
  5. Type in additional information to make a Title Attribute, which should be a description related to that menu.
  6. Press the Save Menu button. If successful, you should see the Title Attribute display as a hint when hovering over the menu bar.


It can be seen that the Title Attribute is a part that helps improve and develop the website for both the website users and Google, which helps all parties to understand the content or various elements. on the website even more And promote the opportunity to make the website’s ranking better as well. Once you see the benefits of creating a Title Attribute and how to do it from the orange cat don’t forget to apply it to your own website. Increase performance for better SEO as well.

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