Tonometer Price – How Much Does a Tonometer Cost?

Depending on the model, condition, and location of purchase, a tonometer can cost anywhere from $3,300 to $5,200. A new tonometer will cost roughly three hundred dollars, but you could spend up to five thousand dollars for an office model. For example, an Icare TA01i tonometer is listed at $3,598 on the GSA Advantage website. In order to purchase a tonometer, you should first determine how much you need stylishster.

An instrument that measures IOP is based on a rebound principle and requires no air or drops. This type of tonometer will usually cost between $55 and $85 for a box of fifty tips. It is important to note that the probes used to measure your IOP must not be sterilized. You should purchase a tonometer that comes with a one-time use guarantee. The Icare TONOVET Plus has a one-year warranty and is recommended by ophthalmologists.

Another model to consider is the iCare IC100. This instrument is easy to use and requires no additional consumables. It can be used on either a sitting or standing position. The iCare IC100 is a convenient device that has an ethanol-based disinfectant for cleaning. To find out the exact cost of a tonometer, you should first determine how many measurements it can make in a day Tishare .

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