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Nayya Ai 11m Series Ventureswiggersventurebeat

TechCrunch recently hired Kyle Wiggers, a senior staff writer at VentureBeat, to cover the artificial intelligence space. Wiggers, who lives in New York, previously worked as an SEO editor at Fatherly. He has also written for digital trend and XDA Developers. He graduated from Ohio University.

Felicis Ventures

Felicis Ventures recently led a $11M Series A funding round for Nayya, an insurance benefits management platform. It received support from early investors, including Guardian Life, the largest mutual life insurance company in the US, and Cameron Ventures, a Fortune 500 insurance company covering 39 million people. The company also expects to use the money to research new technologies and hire new talent.

Founders of Nayya

Nayya is a healthcare benefits management software startup that leverages billions of healthcare datasets to make the process of managing employee healthcare benefits more efficient and affordable. Its recommendation engine uses machine learning to tailor advice based on each user’s lifestyle, family attributes, and financial situation. It also helps users manage their expenses.

The company was founded in 2013 by the founders of Chiper, a Colombia-based e-commerce company that has been building a network of digital corner stores across Latin America. It now plans to expand its reach throughout Latin America. The investment comes at a crucial time for Nayya, which has plans to grow its platform and partner with more healthcare solutions.

Nayya is currently in beta and is working with a number of businesses to test its platform. The company plans to launch its platform commercially in the second quarter of 2018. The seed funding raised by Nayya will be used to expand its team and continue to develop its platform. With a strong team and impressive seed funding, Nayya has the potential to revolutionize the customer service industry.

The startup uses a network of medical carrier integrations and over 3 billion consumer data points to make its recommendations. The system takes into account a variety of lifestyle and financial attributes, and recommends only in-network care providers. According to the company, its AI platform is already saving employees $1300 a year and cutting down on questions related to enrollment.

Led by Wiggers

Nayya ai has raised $11 million in Series A funding led by Felicis Ventures, with the majority of the money earmarked for R&D. The company leverages billions of health insurance data sets to offer personalized recommendations for in-network care. With this new round, the company will be able to expand its team and deepen its partnerships with leading carriers and employers.

The US is one of the most expensive places to live, and Nayya’s AI system will help make the US more affordable. The company has already built up a database of over 120 million lines of claims stories and over three billion consumer data points. With its 11m series of ventures, the company plans to take these data and apply AI tools to make a difference.

Nayya is currently the leading insurance benefits experience and management platform. The company has been supported by early investors including Felicis Ventures, Cameron Ventures, and Guardian Life, the largest mutual life insurance company in the US. The company is now looking to acquire more employers to expand its reach and expand their reach.

Nayya is a company that uses machine learning and data transparency to automate the benefits enrollment process for employers. It raised $2.7M in seed funding from Social Leverage and has received $11M in Series A financing from Felicis Ventures. The investment will be used to accelerate product development and hire new talent. The company claims its platform will save employees time and money and reduce questions regarding enrolling in health insurance plans.

Founders of Instacart

Instacart is a grocery delivery service that offers a variety of products and services. The company aims to create a seamless experience for consumers by combining shopping with the convenience of online ordering. The company uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to create a digital agent that understands customer queries in real time. It is backed by Felicis Ventures, Wiggers VentureBeat, and others.


Nayya, an AI-powered HR platform, just closed an $11 million series A round led by Felicis Ventures. The company combines artificial intelligence (AI) and human knowledge to provide guidance for employees in managing their insurance benefits.

Nayya Raised 11m Series Funding From Venture Beat

Nayya is an artificial intelligence company that uses machine learning and natural language processing to help employees select health plans. They use 3 billion data points from consumers and 120 million lines of claims stories. They claim they’ve raised 11m series funding.

Nayya’s customer service platform is powered by AI and natural language processing

Nayya’s customer service platform uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to provide businesses with personalized customer service. The platform provides a virtual agent that understands and responds to customer queries in real-time. The artificial intelligence agent is designed to learn and improve with each interaction. The technology can help businesses scale their customer service operations and reduce the need for additional agents.

Nayya’s AI-powered customer service platform helps companies and individuals navigate their health benefits. The AI platform guides customers through a short survey and matches them to the right plan. Its automated machine learning tools analyze claims data and consumer data to offer insights and recommendations. This solution helps companies increase profits and lower risks.

It uses AI to help guide employees in selecting a health plan

Nayya uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create a personalized experience that helps employees choose health insurance that fits their needs. The platform leverages big data to provide actionable insights and presents a choice of employee health plans that take into account their lifestyle and budget. The tool also informs employees about how to manage their spending accounts.

While AI systems are designed to be accurate, there is still room for error. Even the best-trained AI systems are likely to make mistakes, and a human expert should always be involved in the process. Furthermore, a reliance on AI recommendations could be problematic in the long run if the public becomes aware of errors. For this reason, it is important to have a human expert present in the loop when using AI to recommend a health plan sdasrinagar.

It has raised a series A round of funding

Nayya is an AI-based health care management startup that leverages billions of health insurance data sets to offer proactive guidance to employees facing increasing health care costs. It will use the funding to build out its team in New York and deepen partnerships with leading carriers. The startup uses machine learning to make recommendations that are tailored to each user’s needs. The platform asks questions about the user’s health, lifestyle, and family attributes, as well as their financial status. Then it can make recommendations for in-network care that matches the user’s needs.

Nayya will use the funding to build its platform and grow its client base. It aims to simplify the process of choosing health benefits for employees by using machine learning, transparency of data, and other features. It previously raised $2.7M in seed funding from Social Leverage and has now raised $11M in a series A round led by Felicis Ventures. The funds will help the company accelerate product development and attract new talent. With more than half of employees dissatisfied with their health benefits, Nayya is aiming to change this wrinky.

It is only available in English

Nayya is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that is developing a platform to automate customer service operations. The platform is currently in beta and will be available later this year. Using natural language processing and AI, Nayya understands customers’ questions and requests in real time, helping companies save on labour costs while delivering better customer service networthexposed.

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