Kurta Design Trends for Women in 2021

A kurta design can either be a simple churidar sleeveless tee or an elaborately embellished piece with a large border. There are numerous variations to a kurta design and some of them may look best in different environments. Whether it is worn during a formal event or casually, the right style will enhance your style statement. Below are some of the latest kurta design trends for women in 2021:

Casual kurtas are a more casual choice. Many designs feature a high-neck, which allows for more embroidery space. Patterned kurtas often feature large text patterns, while simple, straight cuts are popular for casual wear. Most of these kurtas are easy to pair with cigarette pants or straight trousers. They are versatile enough for every situation. Here are a few examples of kurta designs that are both trendy and functional.

Depending on the fabric, men can opt for a sleeveless kurta design or a sleeveless one. Often, the men’s kurta is made from silk, which imparts a richness to the fabric. It may feature a small embroidery on the shoulders or neck, or it may have a fancy collar. It is a good choice for semi-formal Indian events, or for a night out partying. A pocket square or fancy button adds a touch of polish to this casual attire.

To enhance your body shape, choose a kurta that is long enough. Longer kurtas make women look slimmer, and longer kurtas look good with palazzos. Darker colours hide belly fat, so darker colours may help you conceal a bulge on your belly. Choose the right print for your figure. Remember, a large print can add bulk to your kurta, so choose a small pattern instead to trick the eyes.

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