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Breakdancing (breaking) will be featured in the program of Summer 2024 Olympics in Paris as a new Olympic sport. Breaking has charted a great course and made his way from a street culture to the official sports discipline. But is breaking more kind of sport as a dancestyle? Actually it is a combination of dance and acrobatic elements, and it is also a unique street culture with its own philosophy. Do you want to know more about the breaking basics? 


Actually, there are only three basic elements that make up breaking – down rock, top rock, down rock and freeze. Top rock refers to all moves that are performed while standing up. “Freeze” means the standstill of a breaker in an unusual position. Down rock refers to all moves that are performed on the floor. Other elements are such elements as power moves, power tricks and swipes. Headspin – is a rotation on the head with the hands. The leg position can be with legs apart and bent at an obtuse or right angle. 

To “swipe” you need to stand on one arm, the body is parallel to the floor, not sagging and turned sideways, raise the other arm to the ceiling. You can first change hands and at the same time turn the body in the opposite direction. Along with changing hands, you should perform a jump with both feet. Power moves are elements of rotation, which are amazing with their spectacularity. And power tricks are power moves that are unthinkable without the proper physical preparation. All technical elements will require endurance, so learn endurance and patience – not everything is possible from the first and even the fifth time. When performing acrobatic tricks secure support in the face of a friend or coach.

To avoid injuries, be sure to warm up and warm down – warm up the muscles well. 

Breaking is divided into upper and lower. And the top break includes a variety of elements in the style of electricboogie, and kingTut. Bottom break also includes a variety of tricks, solo improvisation, frees, spins.


Birthplace of break dance is considered one of the poorest neighborhoods of New York – the Bronx. It was there, in the sixties, his story began. At that time, with the increased popularity of electronic music, among the young dancers were very often used elements of a variety of rotation on the ground.

Dancers or breakers “break” the usual movements to the beat records, spinning was not yet in the usual movements of break dance. When the culture solidified its position, the dancers were forced even more to strain their imagination to actively confront in dance battles. By the end of the eighties “break” became an independent direction in the arts. And it is art, not sports . At the competition the score is put not for the accuracy of the movements, not for the observance of techniques, but for the self-expression of the performer, his sense of tact.


Today there are worldwide competitions that are dedicated to breakdance, and many dance studios offer lessons in break dance. Often the steps of this dance are taught in conjunction with more modern hip-hop. Break dance is now a worldwide phenomenon and is popular in every corner of the globe. Modern breaking competitions (or battles) are spectacular one-on-one competitions of breakers facing each other on beats provided by a hip-hop DJ. The judges are usually respected dancers from the breaking community.  

The culture of battles is actually quite informal, but also has certain rules. What will the judging system of the 2024 Paris Olympics look like? Anyway, it will be an interesting experience for the breakers we all wait for.

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