Best Medical Stocks to Buy Right Now

If you’re looking for the best medical stocks to buy right now, consider healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. These stocks are often considered “safe harbors” in this environment and have seen only brief weakness recently. Investing in these stocks is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Some of the best healthcare stocks to buy right now include AbbVie (NYSE:ABBV), a medical device maker whose da Vinci robotic surgical system has been used in over 10 million procedures. While the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt the company’s sales, it’s already recovering thanks to vaccine availability. Another strong company to invest in is Zoetis (NYSE:ZOT), which is inflation resistant.

While many healthcare stocks are based on health care services, some investors prefer telehealth. Telehealth services allow doctors to see patients at home without leaving their homes. With the recent pandemic, many people have turned to these virtual care services. As more vaccines are released, Teladoc’s stock has fallen from its recent highs, but its prospects remain bright. Investors will be able to cut healthcare costs by reducing their trips to the doctor’s office.

Merck is another great healthcare stock to buy right now. This multinational pharmaceutical firm has 130 years of experience. It is a leader in research and development, delivering innovative solutions to improve the prevention and treatment of human diseases. Merck is also rumored to acquire biotechnology firm Seagen, which is focused on cancer. The Wall Street Journal reported on this news recently. While these two companies do have some similarities, there are many other things to consider when making a medical stock investment.

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